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Music On Mack Avenue offers a high quality library of recorded music available for licensing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to be a registered member to hear the music in the MOMA library?

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No. All the QUICK SEARCH and KEYWORD SEARCH functions accessible from the HOME page are available to our visitors and non-registered members.

How do I change my password or screen name?

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You must be logged in to change your information. Once logged in, click your screen name that appears above the right side of the menubar next to 'Personal Favorites' and 'View License Cart'. Clicking will take you to your user settings page where you can make changes.

Why should I register?

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The MOMA library offers a sophisticated search feature that allows the member to find specific music for their projects quickly and easily by using multiple word searches with drop down menu selections such as Themes & Moods, Genres, Songwriters, Artists, Tempos, and Licensing Types.

You need to be a registered member in order to use our ADVANCED SEARCH and ON-LINE LICENSING functions.

MOMA also provides a “favorites” feature that allows the member to save the songs they like with personal notes about each song, and access them without the need to research those songs again for future projects and licensing.

MOMA provides a “licensing cart” which allows the member to request one or more master use and/or synchronization licenses directly on-line through our licensing form system.

Is there a fee to register to be a MOMA library member?

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No. The MOMA library is free to all visitors and members.

How should i approach using ‘advanced search’ features?

Tips for getting the most out of advanced search.

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Making multiple additions within the same search category fundamentaly places the word 'or' between them. For example if searching by artists: Christian McBride or Rick Braun or Johnnie Bassett. So you can see this broadens the search when additions are made within a category.

Adding a selection in another category places an 'and' operator between the categories. So if you select "Funky" from the Themes category, your search would be for any of your selected artists' tracks that are 'Funky' (or Easy Going or ...etc).

A good way to approach advanced search is to decide which category is most important/relevant to your search and start there, broaden your search results within that category as much as you can, then refine with the next-most-important category and broaden within that category as much as you can, etc.

Keep in mind it is quite easy to generate searches with zero results. If your search yields too few or no results, try broadening your search within the most relevant categories.