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Total Results: 13

Song Title Artist/Performer Songwriter Theme/Mood Lead Instrument Tempo Licensing
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Shufflin' & Rollin' Planet D Nonet Buddy Johnson Upbeat, Fun, Feel-good, Rhythmic Piano, Trumpet, Saxophone U MO FAVES CART
Weird Beard Planet D Nonet Hank Crawford Easy Going, Relaxed, Rhymthic, Lounge Bass, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet M MO FAVES CART
Well All Right Planet D Nonet Calhoun/McCoy/Nugetre/Singleton/Wexler Rhythmic, Bluesy Male Vocals, Vocals MU MO FAVES CART
A Call For All Demons Planet D Nonet Sun Ra Dreamy, Curious, Relaxed, Lounge Bass, Trumpets, Saxophone MU MO FAVES CART
Come Rain Or Come Shine Planet D Nonet Johnny Mercer/Harold Arlen Love, Relationship, Lounge, Relaxed Male Vocals, Vocals S MO FAVES CART
Addi Planet D Nonet Duke Ellington Rhythmic, Curious Bass, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet MU MO FAVES CART
Azure Te Planet D Nonet Bill Davis/Don Wolf Lounge, Love, Missing You Male Vocals, Vocals SM MO FAVES CART
Paradise Valley Walk Planet D Nonet Paul Huckelbuck Williams Relaxed, Easy Going, Calm Saxophone, Trumpet, Bass, Piano SM MO FAVES CART
Possession Planet D Nonet Harry Revel Relaxed, Easy Going, Calm Saxophone, Trumpet, Piano S MO FAVES CART
Shorty George Planet D Nonet Count Basie/Andy Gibson Upbeat, Happy, Fun, Swinging Saxophone, Trumpet, Bass, Piano MU MO FAVES CART
Candy Planet D Nonet Mack David/Alex Kramer/Joan Whitney Love, Relationship, Relaxed, Easy Going Female Vocals, Vocals S MO FAVES CART
Mr. Gentle, Mr. Cool Planet D Nonet Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn Relaxed, Lounge, Easy Going Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Bass SM MO FAVES CART
Christopher Columbus Planet D Nonet Leon Chu Berry/Andy Razaf Fun, Feel-good, Playful, Swinging Trumpet, Saxophone, Piano, Bass U MO FAVES CART
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