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Songwriter Spotlight

Phil Schroeder

Creative. Unexpected. Influential.

An accomplished composer of songs, scores, soundtracks and jingles, Phil Schroeder is sought after by the very best commerical advertisers, event production, video production companies and in-house corporate creative service groups to develop distinctive music and performances that always integrate the perfect music with the key message.  With more than twenty years of music composing and production experience, Phil is one of the most influential composers and creative directors working in the industry today.

Masterful at creating music in all styles, his compositions bounce from rock to classical, hip hop to electronica, without skipping country, funk --- even tunes for toddlers along the way -- Phil apporoaches each project with a desire to find  new, interesting – and unexpected – ways to tell the story.

A seasoned Music Creative Director working with composition and staged performance, Phil creates and produces music with cutting-edge vision and first-rate performances.  His clients include major companies such as HSBC, Sun Microsystems, Iomega, Amgen, SAP and Teradata/NCR.

It's the moment in music that drives a unique message home to the listener with flash and passion.  Phil creates music, story and dance that is impeccably performed.



Powerful messaging that delivers big impact.  Check out Phil's music catalog in the Music on Mack Avenue (MOMA) Library at Songwriter: PHIL SCHROEDER.